Liquid Glitter Phone Case with Custom Name in Script Cursive Font

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This is a clear, transparent phone case, with liquid moving floating glitter, case is one piece, and made from durable, premium gel rubber, custom text is printed directly onto case, with ECO friendly UV ink, custom text is NOT a decal or sticker.


DESIGN NAME: Stardust Glitter Phone Case

If you love anything that sparkles, then this phone case is perfect for you. The glitter is in clear liquid allowing it to float/move around in the case. It also comes with the option to personalize it with your own name or text! 

Since cell phones are now being offered in so many beautiful colors, we realize that more and more fashionistas are wanting to protect their phones without having to hide them. This phone case does exactly that! It is made from premium quality, lightweight yet tough rubber and features a layer of glitter in clear liquid. That means you will be getting a flexible yet durable phone case with crystal clear transparency and glamorous, eye-catching sparkles. The case will be extremely easy to install, and the original color of your phone will shine through.

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